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You are buying a license to view a Stella Stewart video and/or slide show. Based on current guidelines we believe that if we posted this on Youtube it would be made adult, though more than likely it would be banned, and perhaps put the channel status at risk.

By paying a nominal fee we believe this will prevent children from readily viewing this and it will only be seen by those who choose to see it. The license fee allows you to open it and download it onto one computer. The license does not allow you to post it anywhere on the Internet or pass it along to friends or anything else except view it for your own personal use. Each attachment is coded, so if it does show up somewhere we will know where it came from.

If you are ordering other items such as autographed photos, you will be getting authentic personally hand signed items by Stella Stewart, not machine or rubber stamped signatures or signed by one of her assistants.


All transactions go through Pay Pal.  You can use an existing account or almost any credit card without having a Pat Pal account.If you have any questions on how this works, please check directly with Pay Pal. We are using Pay Pal because we do not want your credit card or banking information.

You need to be of legal age in the town, city, County, State, Country, Planet where you make the transaction to pay for this and view it. By processing the transaction you are declaring under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that you are old enough to do this transaction and understand you are only getting a license to view and this type of content is legal for you to view and you have the legal capacity to pay for it.

Once your Pay Pal payment is processed we will be notified and will email you (to the email you gave Pay Pal) with it as an attachment. If you can’t receive emails or open attachments do not order. The attachment will be OK for gmail and aol, but will be sent in 2 parts to Yahoo accounts because they only allow small files.  For other providers we will do  what it takes to get it to you.  Be sure to allow mail from to prevent it from going in your junk/spam box. 

We are not doing a membership site or retaining credit card information so you don’t have to worry about repeat billing. We are not keeping your info on file, so each time you want to order something you need to supply the information again. We are not selling or sharing your private information with anyone unless the police show up with a search warrant or subpoena, we get sued and a court orders it, or if you dispute any charges (and then only to show we didn’t make anything up).


The time it will take to notify us of the payment may vary. In most cases you should receive the email and attachment within hours of placing your order, but sometimes it may be minutes and sometimes up to a day. Since Stella is handling this personally there may be slight delays when she is doing a photo shoot, video, or filming a TV show, but generally you should get it within a few hours. We may automate this one day so then it may take less time or more time, but for now this is what to expect. We will always ship within guidelines set by law or give you a complete refund. If you order a photograph or DVD or any other merchandise we will almost always ship within three business days after payment clears.


While we don’t believe any of Stella’s fans will be disappointed, everyone’s expectations and preferences may be a bit different. The problem is, once you see it you have used your license so we have fulfilled our end of the transaction and you need to pay for it.

There are no refunds, credits, returns and all sales are final.


By doing this transaction you are also agreeing that any disputes will be handles by emailing us first so we can try to resolve your concerns. If that fails you agree to submit this dispute to mediation. Once we determine that we can not resolve this dispute directly we will supply to you two or more organizations that provide free mediation services for you to choose.

By entering into this transaction you are agreeing that this transaction and agreement is subject to the laws of the State of California, and if any legal action must be initiated the proper venue is the Superior Court in downtown Los Angeles.

In any case you agree that the maximum we may be liable for is the sale price of the item(s) less any transaction fees we pay for processing the payment.

In the event you somehow default on your payment, or unreasonably stop a Pay Pal transaction where we supply product, we will notify you via email. If payment is not made within three days from the date of the email you agree that we can sue you in the Superior Court in downtown Los Angeles for the amount of the payment plus any costs associated with collection and bringing suit. Please note this can be very expensive, and cancelling a $1.49 payment can end up costing several hundred dollars.

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